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Slim 'N Lift Supreme

Slim N Lift Supreme is instant slimmer figure without effort, exercise or diet! Instantly look 5 or 10 kgs thinner!
Flattens Tummy & Lifts Butt for a Sexy Rear! Slim n Lift Supreme Body shaper undergarment that can give you a
sexy figure straight away. Give you a flat, trim and smart look from below the bust line all the way to
just above the knees you’ll feel comfortable and confident wearing it. Instantly transform your figure
into the curved figure of a Model. This is a great product, It Flatters The Tummy.

Features of Slim n Lift with Straps:
Its special design and micro fiber make it easy to wear and  breathing
Special cotton used in this absorb sweat so that you can feel dry and comfort
No need to wear under garments
It fits on every type of designed cloth very easily
Not left any type of mark on body

Directions for Using Slim n Lift Supreme with Straps:
Hold Waistband and wear it as a pant
Then roll waistband on your hips
Insert your hand and raise buttock to your desired position
Adjust all portion of slim n lift Supreme straps which are suitable to you and give comfort

Slim 'n Lift Supreme with straps to hold and it gives you a sexy look instantly.
It is a very nice product for fat women who want to get a hold on their fat and want to look sexy.

Exraordinary features:
Makes you look and feel slimmer and sexier.
Effectively removes the visibility of cellulite and back roles.
Lifts the buttocks, flattens abs, slims waist and thigh.
Shapes your body into a slimmer figure.
Is strongly supportive but incredibly comfortable and lightweight.
Assists with support for back problems.
Is comfortable, discreet and only you will know you are wearing it.

It comes in various waist sizes:
78-92 CM  ( 32 -35 Inch)    =    M
83-101CM ( 35 -39 Inch)     =    L
89-110CM  ( 38 -44 Inch)    =    XL
103-124CM  ( 40 -45 Inch)   =    XXL
148-158CM  ( 44 -52 Inch)   =    XXXL

Cash on Delivery Available Anywhere in Pakistan:
Call & SmS On Thease Numbers 24/hr

03216709080   03006079080   03146882896

Price PKR:1300/-


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