Sauna Massager Velform

Sauna Massager:
Major Benefits of Sauna Massage Velform It's time to give up that exhausting exercise regime
and boring diet, those slimming pills and creams that don’t give you the results you want.

Velform Sauna Massage shapes your body with the combination of a efficient vibration massage and a targeted
warmth effect.Velform Sauna Massage is a massage and a sauna in one!
To use just apply the Sauna Belt around the chosen body part and choose your preferd warmth and
massage programm. The warmth can be controlled by an appliance with LED monitor and you can change
the level easily while using. The belt offers you 3 different massage programms. This portable sauna
is great for the abdomen, waist, back & hips.
Sauna Massage, you decide where to apply the sauna and the high-speed massage to shape your
body. It’s so fast and effective that you can see results in less than 30 minutes! You can tone your
abdomen, reduce that spare tyre, firm up your buttocks and thighs and get rid of unwanted cellulite.
It’s the only system around with thermo-massage technology, which destroys the fat and then using the
sauna heat that it generates, breaks down fat too, which is then eliminated by sweating.

Sauna Massager Benefits:
It is safe and simple to use yet delivers brilliant result
Instant Slim Look Works as a Massager & gives relief from pains
Just wrap it round you waist for at least 15 minutes continuously at a time and relax
The perfect combination of heat melts fats and helps in lose inches
Powerful oscillating massage improves blood circulation
Releases muscle tension and massages total body with variable speeds.
With digital remote control for oscillating and heating function
Forward and Reverse oscillating function is much more effective
Targeting different part of muscle and help burn fats up to 100%
Light weight and easy to use.

Comes with digital remote control
Control for heating and oscillating functions
Light weight
Easy to use
Cost effective
Enhanced blood circulation
Flexible Sauna Belt Velform fits to all.
Multi-Level Remote Control.
Instructional Guide.
Diet Plan and a Measurement Tape.

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