Sandhi Sudha Plus

Sandhi Sudha Plus in Pakistan :
Sandhi Sudha Plus Joint Pain Relief Oil is an authentic Ayurvedic medicine containing rare and precious
Himalayan medicinal plant extracts. These plant extracts are being used for decades
by millions of people for effective and immediate results. With meticulous selection
of various such herbs and incorporating precision manufacturing techniques, Sandhi sudha joint pain Relief Oil
helps in reducing the severity of pain in knees, back, shoulder, elbow, neck, wrist, and ankles in 10-15 days
of application. The use of Sandhi Sudha Plus helps the joint regain its stability and strength while
effectively reducing the pain emanating from a dry nonfunctioning joint.

Causes of Joint Pains in Body:
Synovial Fluid is an important body fluid for the proper functioning of joints. Pain in the joints arises
due to lack of this fluid. The main reasons for the reduced amount of synovial fluid from bones
and joints are-
1.Old age
3.Wrong Postures

Sandhi Sudha oil helps in fast relieving back pain, knee pain, cervical, frozen shoulder,
body pain, tennis elbow, joint pain and arthritis.

Advantages of Sandhi Sudha Plus oil:
1.The oil helps in repairing the painful joints. It provides relief from various severe pains such as in knees,
body pain, back pain, shoulder pain etc.
2.It makes you feel more relaxed and calm.
3.It brings back the proper movement of the joints through filling it with the required Synovial Fluid.
4.The oil is an ultimate solution for the women with back pain. Other patients with the problems like
knee pain, shoulder pains, back pain, cervical spondilitis, and arthritis will definitely feel
good after the application.
5.The oil with its Herbal pain reliving elements provides relief from all types of Pain
and Muscles Stiffness etc.
6.It can even treat severe joint pains that have stopped working from years back and are not
functioning properly.

Most Effective On:
Knee pain
Shoulder pain
Back pain
Wrist pain
Cervical spondylitis
Arthritic pain

How to use?
1.Apply one or two teaspoons (approx. 5 ml) of the oil with your fingers tips over the injured parts of
the body. Massage gently for few minutes over the affected area. Do not pressurize the injured part while
2.Massage it in continuous circular motion. Follow the same procedure for 3-4 times in a day up to 15 days.
In case the pain is more, you can apply it for about 5-6 times in a day.
3.Use oil two hours before taking bath or after two hours of bathing. Application before you sleep at
night is advisable. Hot fomentation after the massage will be beneficial.

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