Electric Non stick Roti maker
Electric Roti maker makes rolling chapattis easier than ever before. It allows you to make thin and
perfectly circular chapattis with minimum effort. Non Stick Roti Chapati Maker surface that prevents
the dough from sticking to it. Chapati Maker has been provided with a handle that makes it easy to press
the plates together, and knobs that help you to lift up the top plate.The Chapati Maker can easily make
tasty rotis (chapatis) in a few seconds. It has been designed to save your time
and energy in the kitchen. The Roti Maker makes uniform rotis which are soft and remain hot for a long time.

Roti Maker Benifits:
Rolls and cooks chapattis in few seconds
Save efforts, time and cooking oil
Non-stick plates cooking reduces calories
Temperature can be controlled by Thermostat
Works on 230/240 V AC, 50 Hz
Consumes the power 900 Watts
Got stainless steel body
Roti maker is an excellent gift Item
Great utility in types of households

How to Operate Roti Maker:
1.Open the plates and connect the plug into 230/240v socked. Wait till the indicator light
automatically goes off. The unit is ready for use. The temperature will be maintained by the
thermostat and the indicator will go accordingly.
2.Prepare the dough balls of about an inch in diameter. Flatten these balls slightly. Place a
dough ball slightly off centre, towards the rear of the bottom plate.
3.Close the upper plate and gently press down the lever. Open the upper plate after a few seconds.
The dough has now been rolled into the shape of a roti. Leave it in this state for 15-20 seconds.
4.Flip the roti over. In about 20-15 seconds, air bubbles will begin to form on the top surface of the roti.
5. As this happens, turn the roti over and gently shut the upper plate of your "Chapati Maker". After
a few more seconds, the roti will start puffing up from both sides.
6.Your roti cooked in the new Chapati maker is now ready to be served.

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