Veet For Men

Product Description:
Veet For Men Hair Removal Cream gives smooth results in as little as four minutes. Its easy rinse off
formula allows you to use in the shower. Veet For Men Hair Removal ream for the body, ensures no razor
rash and no prickly regrowth.

It’s the smartest way to achieve a smoothness that lasts:
Veet For Men Hair Removal Cream is perfect for those awkward to reach parts like the shoulders and back.
If you're going for that all-over smooth look - focus on one area at a time. Veet For Men can be used on
the arms, chest, legs, back, shoulders and around your briefs but not the face.

Veet For Men Hair Removal has been tested and developed to work effectively after 4 – 6 minutes as
stated on pack. Do not leave the Cream on longer than the recommended time. Doing so could irritate
your skin and will not make any difference to the performance. It is fine to apply the cream with your
hand (wash hands thoroughly afterwards) to your body, however, for removal, use the spatula supplied.
Hair removal creams weaken the hair by dissolving the protein structure and softening the hair at
skin level, then the mechanical action of the spatula breaks the hair. Without the spatula to perform
this mechanical action, not all the hairs will be removed effectively.

Veet For Men Hair Removal Cream is a quick and effective way to remove body hair leaving your
skin feeling smoother for up to twice as long as shaving.

Smooth results in as little as 4 minutes.

Easy rinse-off formula allows you to use in the shower.

No razor rash and No prickly regrowth.

Fast and effective removal of body hair in just 3 steps:

Spread the gel cream evenly onto skin, fully covering the hair. Rinse hands immediately with water.

Leave the cream on for 4 minutes, timed carefully.

Rinse your skin thoroughly with water to remove the cream completely, and then dry.

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