Product descraiption:
Introducing Power Puff™ the vibrating makeup applicator, that gives u a flawless finish every time & it
works with any liquid or powder foundation.Power puff vibrates 12000 vibrations per minute, to give you
a makeup application that helps you look fine & reduce the look of wrinkles 7 more youthful appearance
every day. The secret of Power Puff™ perfect application is in the vibration that creates slippery motion
to apply your makeup smoothly & blend better than any other method. Your makeup goes on faster & because
the application is perfect every time it lasts 3 times longer. Even with moisture & perspiration your makeup
stays looking flawless.

Instruction Guide
Power Puff™ uses oscillating vibrations to apply makeup easily and quickly. The thick, soft
applicator pad creates 9,500 pulses per minute to apply foundation to the skin more evenly, smoothly
and naturally. The result is long lasting, flawless effects. The vibrating massage also relieves tense
and tired skin at the same time. The high-tech puff is smooth and sanitary, and can easily be
replaced or washed.

Application Instructions
1) Cleanse and Moisturize your face. Allow to dry completely.
2) Remove the cap and place the Power Puff™ pad onto the unit.
3) Apply your liquid or powder foundation to the pad.
4) Push the button on the unit to activate the micro vibration.
5) Apply the pad to your face in strokes from the center of the face moving outward.
6) Repeat as necessary to reapply on areas that need extra coverage.
7) Turn off the Power Puff™ unit after use.

Pad Replacement:
1) To replace pads, gently pull the base of the pad away from the unit.
2) Replace with a new pad by pushing gently on top of the pad until it is snug on the unit.

1) Do not use the product near water. Wetness or moisture could cause damage to the internal
    components of Power Puff™. Only the pad is washable. Remove the pad completely from the unit
    before washing.
2) To wash, completely separate the pad from the unit and use a cleanser or neutral detergent to wash.

1) For external use only.
2) Avoid contact with eyes.
3) Discontinue use if signs of irritation or rash appear.
4) Keep out of reach of children.

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Price PKR:1999/-