No Addiction Powder:
No Addiction is an Ayurvedic invention which specialized in treating the addiction problem in humans.
It is the safest way to get out of the harmful addictive habits. Addiction to alcohol, cigarette,
tobacco and similar other products are very dangerous for your health. It can lead to serious health
problems, including cancers of the mouth, esophagus, pharynx, larynx, liver in men and of breast cancer in women..

No addiction powder is an Ayurvedic product made up of 17 beneficial ingredients (Gulbanafsha, Nishoth, Giloe, Nagkesar, Kutki, Kalmegh, Bhringraj, Kasni, Barhmi,
Bhuiamla, Amla, Harar kali, Laung, Arjun, Neem, Punarna). It also contains
kudzu (Vidarikand) which is used worldwide for treating alcoholism and is known for its great benefits.
No addiction herbal powder is the perfect cure for addiction problem and it helps in improving the overall
health of the person. The product is very beneficial and has no side effects.

How No addiction powder works?
No addiction powder provides peace to the mind and reduces the craving of addictive substance to the body.
It balances human's emotional, mental and physiological responses in order to get completely over
with the addiction.
It supplies essential vitamins, minerals, nutrients that get dried up in the body due to the intake
of excessive addictive substance.
The product helps in reducing the accumulation of excessive toxins in the body.
It saves body from harmful effects of addiction.

Advantages -
Herbal and natural product to fight addiction in human
No side effects
Easy to use
No strict guidelines to take the medicine. Just take it any time twice a day.

How to use?
1. Take one spoonful of powder twice a day after having meals with water.
2. This Ayurvedic powder in quantity of one spoon can also be mixed or added in the food.
The package contains
3 Bottles of No addiction powder each having the quantity of 60 grams.

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Price PKR:2999/-