Hair Grow Pro

Hair Grow Pro in Pakistan:
Grow Pro HGP is a result of thorough research on effect of various herbs and their derivatives on
hair nourishment, growth and texture. The selected extracts found to show follicle protection properties
against DHT, nourishment elements to improve follicle health, stem cell activity stimulation,
scalp moisturizing properties, anti-bacterial effects, and hair conditioning, were tested for a
long time before combining them in a single product. This was all done while assuring that the
original herbal property remains intact and concentration of extract doesn’t cause any side effect.
Grow Pro HGP is the only product which targets almost all reasons causing hair fall and proven to
regrow hair even on bald patches if the follicle is not entirely dead. It is a water-based composition
to effect better absorption over scalp and the ingredients are processed in a way that their medicinal
properties remain intact.

Directions for use:
Before going to sleep, take generous quantity (8-10 gm) of Grow Pro HGP on fingertips and apply over
scalp and hair roots gently to cover entire scalp. Make sure not to massage vigorously,
Grow Pro HGP is highly absorbable and does not require pressure massage to get to the roots.
Leave the paste over scalp overnight and wash in the morning with some gentle herbal shampoo.
Repeat the application daily for at least 2 months.

work in following ways.
1. It forms a barrier between androgen receptors at the follicle and DHT without affecting the flow of nutrients.
This prevents miniaturization of hair follicle and prolong the anagen or growth phase of hair.
2. It utilizes the apple polyphenols (procynidine B2, B3, and C1) to stimulate the stem cells in the
follicle to promote, extend and sustain the hair growth.
3. The active ingredients nourish the dermal papilla to provide essential nutrients to follicle for proper growth.
4. It cleans the scalp for fungal and other minor infections and cures dandruff.
5. It conditions the hair to give a shiny and smooth appearance.

Grow Pro HGP is not an oil-based paste, so it does not cause blockage of sebaceous and sweat glands,
which lead to infections on scalp. At the same, time it moisturizes the scalp to keep a check on dandruff too.
The active ingredients in HGP work in following ways.

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