Fitness Pump

Product Description:
Fitness Pump(Push Up Pump) helps you to do a full body push up. Have you had problems doing push ups or do you just want
to get more out of doing push ups? TheFitness Pump is your machine for a total body work out.
Fitness pump 300x300 With this Push Up Pump System you can get a full body workout in just 20 minutes a day!
Real people getting real results. 3 levels of resistance bands. Simultaneously engage muscles all over your
body to get an intense entire core workout. Do pushups like never before, easier and more of them. Never
done a full plank push up? Try it with Fitness Pump. This exercise machine works your back and shoulder.
It works your triceps and chest. It works your biceps, chest and shoulders. The Fitness Pump is made from
a sturdy steel design and is lightweight and portable. No more struggling or straining your back while
attempting to do pushups the old fashion way.

Further Details:
Fitness Pump is the new fitness tool designed to strengthen and develop sculpted pecs, triceps, deltoids,
lats , and for toning abs, legs and buttocks .

The system allows you to leverage the classic push-ups with more ease and less fatigue. Fitness Pump makes
the muscles work twice with the same force, reducing the body weight by 50% and allowing you to
maintain a good posture for your back.

Product Features

Designed to replicate the classic push-up exercise but with reduced back strain

Exercises the pectorals, dorsals, deltoid and triceps muscle groups

Manufactured from high grade steel

Compact when not in use for easy storage

Contributes to sculptured silouhette, firm toned body, good back posture, increased chest strength.

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Price PKR: 6999/-