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English Guru:
Just Stop Wasting Your Valuable Money on English Speaking Institutes? It’s our challenge that you Speak
English in just 30 Days...100% Guarantee...
we help you to learn English and speak more fluently, confidently with out the help of any Teachers
or any other Institutes. You just have to go through our package in which every thing has mentioned.
It’s our 100% Guarantee that you will Learn English within 30 Days. This whole package is written by
Expert Professionals and there aim is to help people who are hesitate to speak English and make them
learn correct English with the help of book Set, Audio/Video CD Set and Computer Set. The BEST FEATURE
of this package is that it is understood by every person just you have to go through it as illustrate in
the guidelines. This package is the BEST ENGLISH LEARNING PACKAGE. Our Team of professionals has put all
its genuine hard work in making English language easier and more convenient to learn. Any person of any
age group can learn English by using this package.

English Guru is a complete learner's package, which include 3 Books namely, 'Get,' 'Set' and 'Go.'
The books are to be read in the same sequence.  The level of English gradually increases from one
book to another.  Where, the first book, i.e., 'Get' talks about very basic and fundamental English;
the second book, i.e., 'Set' talks about situational conditions; the last book, i.e., 'Go' shall bring
the learner to a much higher level of expression and understanding, as it is an elaborative book on
English Usage.


English Guru takes immense pride in introducing to you  experience for
educational resources. English guru is a highly successful mission, compiled by the experts i the
field of English language putting years of handwork and research to improve your learning experience.
English Guru Package contains This Get, Set and Go series provides you with valuable practical lessons
including vocabulary, grammar, and sentence enunciation and writing skills.

These audio-visual aids will prove to be a great help to sharpen your spoken English skills.
The first hand experience of multimedia support along with the theoretical material expedites your
learning experience of English. This dictionary is specially assembled for English Guru Students' benefit.
Apart from its conventional use, this clubbed together with Practice book will help you enrich your
vocabulary. You also get this comprehensive exercise book to polish your recently acquired language skills.

Cash on Dleivery Available Anywhere in Pakistan call & SmS :

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Price PKR:2999/-